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Safe Haven Real Estate is a joint venture between Cecily Lees, an Attorney and Notary Public, and Archipelago Trading Ltd owned by Yvor Nassief, a businessman here in Dominica.

Safe Haven Real Estate was Dominica's first internet-based Real Estate company and has been in operation since 1999. We have moved from 6 Cork Street to the Bay Front between Coco Rico and the Magistrate's Court (opposite to the Ferry Terminal). Walk-in customers are welcome to view pictures of property and get information from knowledgeable staff.

We specialize in the sale and rental  of all types of property both commercial and domestic. For Developers seeking land for projects make this your first stop.

Cecily Lees studied at University College, London where she graduated with an Honors Degree in law. She then attended Chester College of Law in England where she obtained Part II of the Law Society Final Examination. She was admitted as a Solicitor in 1980 and was a Principal Legal Adviser with the British Government before coming to Dominica in 1997.  She is also a Notary Public.

She was admitted as a Solicitor and Barrister in Dominica in 1998 and has since been practicing in the  property and offshore sector. She is also a Director of Nature Island Destinations which is a local business dedicated to attracting stay over visitors to Dominica.

Cecily Lees is one of the founders of Orion Academy Secondary School.


The Cabrits, Dominica
is a leader in financial services in the Commonwealth of Dominica (not to be mistaken for the Dominican Republic!), providing Insurance, Lending, Hire Purchase and Money Transfers. Archipelago is also the agent for Tropical Shipping.

In its commitment to the development of Dominica, Archipelago is a founding donor of Pioneer Academy, a non-profit school for infant and junior children here in Dominica.

Yvor Nassief studied at York University in Toronto where he obtained a B.A. Degree. After graduating he worked with Canada Packers Inc. from 1983 -1987 as a Commodity Trader. Between 1987 -1995 he was Marketing Director and a Board Member of Dominica Coconut Products Ltd., Dominica's major manufacturer. In 1989 he was appointed as a Director of the Fort Young Hotel, Dominica's leading Hotel and remains a Director to date. He founded Archipelago Trading Ltd in 1995. He is a former Minister of Tourism and Chairman of the Invest Dominica Authority.


Meet the Team

Cecily Lees

I am also Managing Director of Safe Haven Real Estate. I moved to Dominica with my husband and young family from England in 1997 without knowing any-one in Dominica. I am therefore well placed to understand the issues you might face in making such a major move. I understand that for your comfort you need a company which will respond to your queries promptly and which will go the extra mile to assist you. We can tell you about schools in the area you choose, churches, health care and much more, things which help you make that important decision to buy overseas. For clients from England we have a shared experience. In addition I am an Attorney here and was in England. I can help you avoid the pitfalls. We check all Titles before putting them on our site. All of the Safe Haven team are experienced and can take you through the buying process from A-Z. You need a company you can rely on. Here at Safe Haven our word is our bond.


Danna Delsol

I am the Property Manager at Safe Haven.

I was born and raised on the Nature Isle of Dominica, so living and breathing Dominica is what I am all about. I have travelled to other countries on vacation, and I can confidently say, there is no place like home. When it comes to natural, unspoilt beauty and unexploited countryside, Dominica is number one on my list of the Caribbean islands.
I am an avid hiker and this has taken me all over the island. I have learnt a lot about the island through my hiking and I love to share this knowledge of the island with clients.

I have been involved in sales for the last 19 years, working with Colgate Palmolive as an Assistant Buyer Planner and then joining Safe Haven in 2002. My sales work experience ensures that I understand the importance of customer service.

I love what I do but most of all I love my country and I am very happy to welcome you to share my experience of living on this beautiful and wonderful island, among the friendliest people in the world.


Vernell Christopher

I am a born and bred Dominican. I have lived in Dominica all of my life. My favourite pastimes are going to the river and exploring Dominica. Dominica is noted for its clean sparkling rivers. There are few places in the world where it is safe to swim in the river- Dominica is one.

I love meeting people so I guess I am in the right job.

I used to be a youth leader and volunteered at the National Children's Home whilst attending college. I am happy to be part of the Safe Team. Here at Safe Haven we can guide you on all the do’s and don’ts of purchasing property in Dominica.

Safe Haven Real Estate Team
The Safe Haven Team in front of the Office

Kenneth Tyson

I have been with safe Haven Real Estate from its inception in 1999! My experience spans 50 years. I was one of the first Carib children to attend the Grammar School.

I trained in Puerto Rico, India, Barbados & Jamaica in the fields of Building Construction, Draughtsmanship (Architectural) Middle Management/Building Inspectors Course.

I have experience as:

  • Draftsman Land/Surveys Dept.
  • Building Inspector and Construction Foreman. Central housing and Planning Authority
  • Planning Assistant, Development Control Officer..
  • Retired as Chief Technical Officer Development Control Economic Development Unit...(Development and Planning Corporation)
  • Prepared Appraisals for Government/Financial Institutions in Da.
  • Prepares Valuations of Land and Buildings...Cost Estimates on a private basis.

There are not many places in Dominica that I do not know. I love meeting new people and sharing my experience of the island.


Eddison Jones

I studied economics in England where I obtained a B.Sc (Hons) in Applied Economics before coming back to Dominica where I worked in the Projects Office of the Ministry of Communications & works, a post which took me all over the island. I therefore know most of Dominica and am well placed to show the Safe Haven Properties as I am also familiar with the requirements of the Planning Division. I love meeting people and that is one of the things that attracted me about the position. I am happy to answer your questions relating to the properties.


Colin Lees

I came to Dominica with my wife Cecily in 1997. I take the photographs for the Safe Haven Real Estate which are displayed on their web site and in the Safe Haven magazine. I was born in Whitley Bay in the north of England and had no connection with Dominica. I have travelled extensively and lived in Africa, Australia and North America but for me Dominica is one of the most beautiful countries I have ever visited. It is a green, lush wonderful island with sparkling rivers and waterfalls and the kindest of peoples. I have never for one minute regretted moving here with my family.

I also own Nature Island Destinations which deals with short term holiday lets www.natureisland.com



1. Safe Haven is based in and dedicated to Dominica and is 100% Dominican

2. It has been providing a complete service since 1999, longer than any other realtor in Dominica.

3. It was set up professionally, with a visible outlet in the capital, based on the UK model, with properties displayed in the window.

4. t was the first realtor in Dominica to advertise properties for sale WITH THE PRICES DISPLAYED. The standards Safe Haven has set - the others have had no option but to follow.

5. It is managed by an experienced lawyer, so can offer additional services and can recognise and avoid contentious issues.

6. It has a website which is professionally managed by Delphis, updated daily and kept high in the visibility rankings.

7. It has a good quality photographer.

8. It has a core of permanent staff - secretary/receptionist, property manager, services of an Accountant, persons familiar with building code and planning regulations to show the properties.

9. Each year it produces a quality magazine which not only displays Properties but contains well written articles of interest to potential investors.

10. It has earned a reputation for reliability and excellence and has never
been the subject of any litigation.

If you are seriously considering purchasing property in Dominica speak to the Professionals.

Safe Haven advertises properties through the Internet and through selected magazines. Safe Haven has its own extensive web site and is also listed or has links with numerous other web sites.

Safe Haven has promoted Dominica to organizations some of which knew nothing about Dominica. These include a Channel 4 TV programme in England, "A Place In the Sun" with an attendant Listing in their publication, and International Homes and Garden which is a prominent British magazine, Homes World Wide, and the Sunday Telegraph.

Photos on this site are © Colin Lees, Nature Island Destinations Ltd. All Rights Reserved.

Be sure to visit our blog for the latest information on Real Estate in Dominica.

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